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Scrape A Round Ice Scraper

Scrape A Round Ice Scraper

Scrape A Round Ice Scraper

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Product Information

The Scrape-A-Round rethinks what an ice scraper should be, reinventing its design from the ground up. “Traditional scrapers are all based on the same ineffective concept,” “We took an engineering approach, started with a clean slate, looked at the job we were trying to do, and designed from scratch.” The result is a flexible, cone-shaped unit that defies how we picture snow scrapers.

According to the research that went into designing the Scrape-A-Round, traditional flat ice scrapers don’t work because:

  • They don’t work on the backward stroke
  • They are too rigid to maintain a constant angle against the curved windshield
  • They don’t evenly distribute pressure
  • They aren’t ergonomic to hold
  • They require two hands to use

So, the Scrape-A-Round was designed to work forward and backward, is made of a flexible polypropylene plastic that evenly distributes pressure at a 50-degree angle, and only needs one hand for use.

Product Quality

Scrape-A-Round units come in sets of three if purchased online: vibrant red, green, and blue colors of varying angles. Each cone-shaped unit comes with a studded ice breaker and is adorned with a golden product sticker. They’re made of soft plastic that forms to the contour of the window and doesn’t damage the rubber trim. The snow does stick to the plastic sometimes, but as long as you dust it off before throwing it in your trunk, that’s not a big deal.

The Scrape-A-Round is comfortable to hold as advertised and despite being pliable, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to break when you use it. The shape of the tool is the perfect angle and is easy to use. Full commendation to the Scrape-A-Round designer’s innovation of rethinking the shape of an ice scraper so completely.