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Motion Sensor LED Light

Motion Sensor LED Light

Motion Sensor LED Light

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Dual Mode Optional: Infrared Sense & Manual Operation.
The "ON/OFF" button on the top and the "Man/Auto" switch on the side. When in "Auto" position the light is controlled by motion sensor, but in "Man" ,it runs by the "ON/OFF" control

Easy Installation

1. Clean the dust, Ensure the paste place under the bed frame is free from dust before installation to avoid falling off.
2. Remove the 3M adhesive backing on the strip.
3. Stick the LED  light LED strips on the closet with the 3M adhesive tapes.


Automatic Turn on and Shut off
Esay setup No tools required
Power Saving,consumes up to 2.4W
Feeling safe at night
Long life time,last up 10 years (1 hour per day)
Occasion:Bed/Bath,Closet, Make Up Counter, Behind Mirror, Reading Light, Night Light

Color Temperature: 4000K
Color: Nature White
Strip Length: 39.37"
Energy consumption: 2.4W
Voltage rating: DC 6V
Sensing Distance: 3m - 5m
Sensing Angle: 120 degree
Battery: 4*AAA batteries (not included)
Working Modes: Manual Mode & Dynamic Mode

1* LED Strip Lights (No Battery Included)
1*User Manual

1. For Closet or bookshelf

When you open the closet or bookshelf,the motion actived light can light up automatically,you can find anything you want in the dark.

2. For Kitchen or Bathroom 

With the Motion activated sensor light,It will light up anytime once you step in bathroom , washroom and kitchen in the dark night.

3. For  Stairs and Bedroom

Warm soft light of bed light will turn on automatically to guide you safely across the room and staris in the dark, no disturbing glare to wake others.