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Top 10 Ways To Give A Gift

Top 10 Ways to Give a Gift

Sometimes giving a gift is more fun than receiving one. This is even truer when the gift is followed by an unexpected romantic gesture. If you’re giving a piece of jewelry and you want to indulge in the presentation, there are several ways to spice it up without sticking to the typical wrapped box that everybody is accustomed to. You’ll earn some brownie points with your significant other by putting in the extra effort.


Personalized gifts give people something to remember you by for years. Putting a romantic quote or even one with an inside meaning will create a sentimental value on the gift. But whatever the message is it will make for a very romantic gesture and will possibly be something they will keep and use for a long time.


Having a stuffed toy wear the jewelry is a sweet gesture, especially for an animal lover. A necklace, earrings or bracelet can be placed right on the toy; a ring can be placed over an arm, or on a string as a necklace. Take the romantic gesture one step farther by placing the animal on a chair for an extra surprise — if the stuffed animal is large enough they’ll spot it before sitting down.


You’re writing the book of your love right this very moment. With every day you spend together and every little thing you do for one another, you add another page to your story. So why not put it all together and make the story of your life in book form. You could place a necklace inside a journal like if it were a bookmark. This touching gesture gives a sweet example of a great “I Love You” gift.


Order a bouquet of flowers and ask to have the jewelry included in it as part of the delivery. Attach the piece to a flower or use it as an adornment to the vase. If it’s a significant gift, such an engagement ring, follow up the delivery in person to pop the question.


If the two of you are saving for a future together, give them a gift that represents that. Engraved that special date on the jewelry as a reminder for them, that way they'd have something to look forward to. Remember that even the smallest gifts —if given with love—will bring the two of you closer.


For a simple and romantic way to give jewelry, write your heartfelt notes in a card and place the piece of jewelry inside. This method works best with flat necklaces. If you’re good at writing poetry, write a poem. If not, just listing why they are special to you is a very romantic ways to show love.


When is a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary or holiday, is expected to receive a gift. To throw off that expectation, change up the timing of the gift giving. The timing of the surprise present catches them off guard and makes the gift more exciting.


Making it fun will take a little more work but is well worth it. Instead of handing over a wrapped gift, you’ll present them with an envelope containing the first clue. You can have just a few clues or go crazy with a lengthy adventure all over the house — or even all over the neighborhood. You can tie each clue to something about the person himself and your relationship or just make them fun and challenging. The final clue, of course, will reveal the location of your actual gift for him, so you should make it a tough one.


Gather several boxes, each one smaller than the other, and then package the jewelry in the smallest box. Wrap that box and pack it into the next largest box and so on until you have created a Russian nesting doll effect. Watch as your significant other opens gift box after gift box until finally reaching the actual gift box. Add an element of romance to the event by including a note in each box.



Make the jewelry presentation more meaningful by giving it in a location that has special meaning. This could be one of your significant other favorite spots, but if you want to make it extra meaningful go back to the place where you had your first date or where you met. Make it memorable by talking first about why the place is special. When the moment is right, give them the gift. Now the location is even of more significance to them!

There are literally hundreds of romantic ways of giving a gift to someone special. You just need to find the one the works best for you, get creative and think outside the box. The thought really is what counts.

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